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Agree To Both Of The Above!

Agreed. Here's how competition will improve the industry.
Detroit just doesn't seem to get it....They continue to inundate the TV channels with all these glamorous ads of giant 300+ hp giant SUV's and p/u's (that they brag of 22 mpg openly!!!!!!))and you can come right on down today and sign a deal for one of these babies!! They have got to be paying TONS of $$$$$ for these commercials. What could they possibly be thinking insofar as future gasoline use to fuel these behemoths and what idiot would, in his right mind, buy one knowing how much they are going to spend to move it from point A to point B, not to mention how much these giants cost to buy outright or lease if you are dumb enough to do that????
I can't believe, with all that has been said about global warming, the need to improve fuel economy, weaning off petroleum to enhance our planets chances of survival and lowering our CO2 emissions, that there is still any element of our population that can't see the forest for the trees. (not meaning to come across hysterically here, but we DO need to start thinking about these things)

I am not an Al Gore fan, but some of the points depicted in his "Inconvient Truth" movie are facts not fiction and clearly show the slow but steady trend that is occuring on our planet. 82 degrees and sunny on Oct 6, 2007, while leaves are starting to fall, driving with the top down like it's the middle of Summer in Upstate NY is kind of an indicator that something is amiss. :rolleyes:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts