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I lost my only SMART key so I paid at total of about $2500.00 for:
  • one new key with electric door controls,
  • one new (2nd) key without electric door controls,
  • new SAM unit flashed to the keys and installed,
  • and I had them give me the replaced (old) SAM unit.
Then I found my one key that is flashed to the replaced SAM unit that I now have safely in a box along with the matching key!

I asked the dealer service dept: If I locate the original key is it still flashed to the SAM unit they gave me in a box? They said yes. So it should be just a matter of installing the SAM unit in any SMART and it will be good to go!

I am asking a very fair, even $1,000.00 for the flash-matched SAM and key with electric door controls.
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