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Flashing D and small wrench

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This started a week after a basic 50km tuneup. Driving fine, and don’t notice any issues... but thought I’d get it checked out anyway. My options of garages are limited due to covid. Mr transmission is taking apt’s so the guy did a scan. Showed a few things but basically the transmission errored with an odd code he said. I have to take it in on Monday coming to get a closer look. I’ve had this 2012 for two years and have taken very good care. Seems odd that after only 50,000 km it needs a new transmission right? Is this common? If so, does anyone have an idea of cost? I feel like I’m in between a rock and a hard place. Now no job due to covid and limited garages so can’t get second opinions.
any help is appreciated
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There's something else going on - extremely unlikely you need a new transmission. More likely you need a new mechanic... :)
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JW is right, or do I mean wright?
You can buy your own code reader at any auto parts store, or on line. They are great for learning whats wrong, and resets.
Now the flashing D... how does it drive? Is it shifting OK. If not, start with a transmission relearn, followed by clutch actuator removal/cleaning/lube/and install if the relearn does not work.
After that, the gear shift motors should be removed/cleaned/and reinstalled... but you may as well change the tranny fluid at the same time. However, you will have to remove the air induction box to do this last one, and that is a pain... might have to cut it out... but you can then replace it with the Madness cold air intake tube.
Keep us posted.
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Normally the flashing single wrench means you're overdue for the basic service. Did the person who did the tuneup reset the service reminder.....? :)

With only 50K km I'd be surprised if this is anything major - the transmission relearn may be all that's needed.
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Thanks all for your reply's.
@dhlairbusb4 I wish I had that kind of skill with cars. Unfortunately I don't. :/
@jwight I did get a tune up at 50K and it was flashing double wrench to indicate that. I had to look up what it meant. But they did not reset the code, and I couldn't reset it either. Shortly after that the D started flashing. And here I am... at this point I have only received a verbal description from Mr Transmission on the errors that came up after the scan. there was a handful of them, but he said often times they are connected. Transmission was one of them. We shall see what they say on Monday.
OK, so first is the car driving OK, shifting OK?
The transmission relearn is easy... Put foot on brake, insert key to position 2 (not start), shift thru all gears slowly, including the manual up and down in D, then shift back to P, and again do this slowly. Turn off ignition and foot off brake. At this point I would lock, then unlock doors with remote. Now try driving, any better???
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