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It was bothering me that when I flat-tow the 2009 smart according to the owner's manual instructions the driver's door remains unlocked.

I believe I have generated a procedure which fixes that situation. I've gone through it a couple of times and it works.

Has anyone else found a way? I'd like to compare notes.


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The procedure I'm trying is different...

Before towing:
Connect the car to the tow bar and to the tow vehicle.
Fully lock the car, then unlock the car using the fob (or door keyhole) such that only the driver's door unlocks.
Open driver's side door and leave it open.
Engage the parking brake.
Turn on the car’s ignition to position 1.

Do the following in quick succession:
1. Press 'LOCK' button on the dash. The lamp in the button will fast-flash for a few seconds.
2. Depress the brake pedal and keep it pressed.
3. Move the gear selector lever to neutral position N.
4. Switch off the ignition. With the gear selector lever in neutral position N, the key cannot be turned fully to starter switch position 0. You will need to turn the key in the starter switch as far to the left as it will go.
5. Release the brake pedal.

IMPORTANT: The gear selector must be moved to N and the key must be turned towards 0 before the lock button lamp stops fast-flashing. If you are successful, the lock button lamp will then flash about once per second. You should hear the door lock.

Leave the key in the starter switch.
Wait approximately 30 seconds until the multi-function display in the instrument cluster is completely blank.
Turn the battery off using the battery disconnect switch.
Take the disconnect switch’s key with you.
Release the parking brake.
Install the auxiliary brake system and bungee cord.
Close the driver's side door. It should be locked.

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