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The button bank can be easily modified to make the switch operate (push) on a "non-fog light" bank, but the dealership still needs to activate the lights.
There are many posts on how to mod the bank. Essentially, you remove the bank (pull it straight out) separate the halves, and trim the four plastic tabs that prevent the button from depressing. You won't have a logo or a green pilot LED in the switch, but it will work. Actually, the green LED is there and it works after the fogs are activated, but the plastic switch face blocks the light. Some folks with a steadier hand than me have drilled the front of the switch to expose the LED.
If you go this route, make sure you use the correct switch button (the second from the left).
Search the forums and you'll find more information.
Evilution is an excellent resource and has detailed instructions.

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The SAM unit controls all the functions inside the car, turn signals, lights, heater, buzzers, horn, etc. which is why it is located as part of the fuse box. When the dealer plugs in the STARR computer to the OBDII port, it communicates to all the various computers that control the different systems on the car, including the SAM. It then gives the SAM a code to turn on any options and also is what programs the keys and remotes.

When I added the LED's to be used like driving lites, I wired them to one of the fuses on the fuse box that was powered when the key turns on. Much easier than messing with a switch and going to the dealer . There are steps for using one of the buttons below the radio, but they are momentary switches so you will need to add a latch relay to keep them on, and modify the button to work. Not difficult but can be done.

Since I was mostly going for the LED looks, I figured them being on with the ignition was good enough. I attached them to the inserts on the front valance and added plug ins to make it easier to remove them if I needed to take off the front end.

SAM stands for Signal Acquisition and Activation Module. TAN stands for Transaction Activation Number used by dealers to activate options in SAM

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