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FOR SALE - 2009 BRABUS 451

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2009 Smart Brabus – 451 Asking - $8250

Second owner; Purchased April 2016 when it had 14,280 original miles; currently 19,700 original miles.

Came with a Kenwood stereo/CD/Sirius/Nav in-dash system, amp and woofer installed under the passenger dash area. I removed it and reinstalled the factory radio, just my preference. All of what was removed will go with the sale.

This little guy accompanies us to weekend drag racing events in an enclosed race car hauler. It was purchased for and has always been used specifically for convenient transportation in and out of a racing facility for grocery runs, eating out, etc. Otherwise, it stays either in the enclosed trailer or my enclosed shop between racing events.

Performance and reliability have been spotless since I have owned it. Unhappy with the ride on its original Brabus wheel/tire configuration, I purchased a new set of Genius 15 x 5.5 wheels and Westlake 185/60R15s last summer (17,250 miles) that improved the ride significantly. A few maintenance items done at the same time were new rear brake shoes. I bought front rotors and pads but did not install after closer inspection, still plenty of life left on the originals. New rotors and pads will be included with the sale. I also purchased and installed, from Madness Autoworks, a Stage 1 451 Madness Power Pack set specifically for improving the transmission shifts and it did make a difference.

It’s last oil change was 9/7/2020 @ 18,700 miles; Mobil 1 15W-40 synthetic oil, new oil and air filter. And, it got a new Battery earlier this year.

Never been smoked in, never involved in any traffic incidents, and has all its original glass including a perfect windshield. The body does have a few scratches, most all up front along the facia and lower edges. Pictures are good representation. Overall, a genuinely nice looking and attractive package!

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Thats toonbad. Love those Brabus wheels. Really defines the Brabus model, from the regular smart car.

Good Luck selling you car!
I purchased Bagman68's car yesterday. In discussing the car with him he told me the Brabus rims bent when a pothole could not be avoided, that happened several times before he switched them out. I ran a CarFax on the car and the prior owner had the rims replaced once and repaired by the dealer about every three months between 2009 and 2013. That person lived in NJ, where potholes are a way of life. The rim look great but are very weak, do a search on this site and see what others are experiencing.
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Congrats on the purchase. I consider myself very fortunate to drive in an area with well-maintained roads and can get away with running 17" wheels all around.
Thanks. I live in So Calif and we have good roads as well. My 2008 has 78K miles on it, so this adds a lower mileage 451 to the inventory. The car is in TX so I am looking for a good transporter. In these COVID times I would rather not be traveling from East Texas to So Calif dealing with hotels and restaurants.
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