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For sale Max, an 08 cabrio silver/black/red $3,500.00

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As a member since 07 and an owner since 2008 I truly enjoy smart ownership. Max has been the perfect auto for my wife and I whether during the early years of running the roads of New England or currently being our motorized bike rack for trips to the local trail head or getting the kayaks to the water (wow now that was a longggg sentence). I am making $3,500 to adopt him.

Max, our 2008 smart fortwo Cabriolet is looking for a new home. He is a one owner silver/black/red passion with a couple of options listed below. Currently he has a little over 71K on the clock and has been totally problem free during his time with us. He is our daily driver here in North Central Florida.The ONLY reason he is for sale is that my wife and I have enjoyed him so much we just bought a mint 14 BoConcept cabrio to be delivered next week and don’t need two of them. He is currently located in Dunnellon, FL (near Ocala). see

I can still remember putting down the $99 for a spot on the “list” and waiting until the fall of 07 to configure Max. Then getting the notice of his arrival in port during our snow birding in Fl the spring of 08. Then since the closest dealer was in Lynnfield, Ma taking the train from Maine to Boston and driving him home. Even though he has lived 3 years in Maine before moving permanently to Fl he has never been in the snow or outside of a garage (other than roads of course). However, you probably don’t want to waste time reading about me reminiscing about a car so here comes the details.

Max is in good to very good condition for his age and has many more miles with smiles and top down fun ahead of him. One of the first mods I added was a smart car universe 1.25 trailer hitch for both my bike rack and kayak trailer (rack and roll). He also has an area 451 cruise control. So he has sometime smart couldn’t even do…. cruise and shift paddles. Last year at he had a new interstate battery, plugs and usual 60K service and is running well.

Max comes complete with all records (service and a record books of each and every gas fill from the beginning) The original sticker, printout of the configuration page. He even comes with the then smart USA welcome mailing with all three gift cards still attached ($5.00 Starbucks Card, $5.00 Barnes and Noble Card and $5.00 Exxon/Mobil Card). All the available brochures for 2008 and even the smart car group buy button decal sheet (complete and not used) purchased from Aesthetic Creations

He has the following factory options:

Silver Metallic panels
Electric Power Steering
Heated Seats
Cockpit Clock and Rev Counter

and the following add ons:

Smart Car Universe trailer hitch
Area 451 Cruise Control
scangauage E (used to monitor the water temp & mpg)

Please check out the following photos and if interested please contact me via my email [email protected] or voice 207 six eight nine 6629

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Here are some more pics

Max with his rack and roll trailer at the kayak launch at Acadia National Park in Maine

Showing some Christmas spirt

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I still have my gift cards too, from Penske,smart. Wonder if their still any good?
He's still available. Max the second is on the truck somewhere between NJ and here in North Central Fl. So Max the first is still here wondering if anybody on the smart board is interested in him. I would rather sell him to a SCoA member that gets smarts instead of someone on eBay.. Help Max find a new home.
looks very nice & well taken cared for
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He was and is still. Max has been one of the lucky ones. first year car without any problems at all. Watch that jinx me. Would make a great first car for the a young one. Who gets to have a convertible for their first auto.
But then there's also this. I know if I had 3500 and lived near by I would've snagged it by now...


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Is the Max the first still available?
Yes I detailed him and put him into storage last weekend. I didn't want him out side after the cleaning and the new one needed to be in the garage. I am currently away for the remainder of the week but will return for the weekend. My plan was to then list him on eBay. You can contact me via my email at [email protected] as I have internet service while on the road.
Late chance for anyone from SCoA. If you have an interest in buying Max please contact me before the end of the week end and maybe we can work something out. Otherwise the Mods can close this thread out as he will be posted on eBay next week.

Thank you
Mods, Please close this thread as I have listed Max on eBay.

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Good luck with the sale. :)
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