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Hi Smart Lovers,

I was really hoping someone may be able to give me some tips as I am having some trouble with the ForFour alarm in my awesome little 2006 ForFour.

At first, the motion sensor disable button on the console worked beautifully in disabling the motion sensor. Now it doesn't seem to do anything. The alarm just keeps going off at random times. No set pattern. I have tried logging times, conditions, temperature etc but there is just no pattern.

Now we have to leave it unlocked (which is less than great) just so the alarm doesn't go off.

Does anyone know if there is a hardwire fix to permanently disable the motion sensor? Pretty please?

I have not even been able to determine where the sensor(s?) are located even though it has been very interesting removing the reading light assembly and all the door panels to try and locate.

I would love to be able to lock the car without enabling the motion sensor.

I have thought about trying to somehow fiddle with the motion sensor disable button and see if I can solder some wires together to make it permanently disabled but am hesitant to mess with that.

Can anyone of you really kindhearted and knowledgeable people help me out? I'll name my next child after you....


Tom Hayes - Brisbane, Australia
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