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Hey Gang. I ordered the TIK and intercooler hoses from

I just fitted them to one of my 450s and they look and sound great. They are all 4-ply silicone hoses. You can have them in red, black, or blue. I opted for blue.

To install them I followed the How-Tos at both and However, I did notice one thing. No matter how much I or a repair shop tried, we could not get the hoses on around the rubber seals that are on the turbo.

I did see a rubber seal de-lipping guide. I think I might try that to see if that will allow the silicone hoses to fit over the rubber seals easier.

I did read a lot of Forge's documentation that they provide on their site (the one, .com site is hit or miss) and the docs say to remove any rubber seals that might be on the part that the hose will connect to. Conflicting information from the how-to sites and the actual hose manufacturers. :confused:

Anyway, on to the pics!!

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