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Yesterday, I took a drive down to the deep south... Ok so not the deep south, but down to the Fort Worth Smart Center to surprise a good friend of mine that is now the manager there on their first “unofficial” opening day. Lauren Griffin is now the transplanted manager from Smart Center Dallas. Congrats Lauren! I got to speak with the other sales staff (who did NOT offer me their card... shame shame...) and after the customers cleared out, got to speak with Lauren about sponsoring events. She said it WOULD NOT be a problem and they even have a conference room if we wanted to use it. She also said that they would be delighted to hand out flyers to new owners. That being said, she will get the flyer I have for our club. They also want that window decal when we get it printed. So we should be seeing more people from FW poke their head up. Now if I could just get Dallas to corporate...

But she wants us there at their grand opening! We need to show a strong presence there guys! So I am asking that AT LEAST three cars commit to being there. Im going so I need AT LEAST two more. The more owners we have, the better. And we might even get some media coverage....
Time has not been released yet, but my guess would be an all day event. They open at 8am. And I am sure there would be food and such there also. So come on guys! Lets show Fort Worth that we are proud smart owners!

The Event at Smart Usa Insider

Anyway, in the last update I sent out, I sent info about the car show in Georgetown. I am going to post an event at smart USA insider for our first drive. We will meet in Dallas and drive down to Round Rock. I suggest we stop at the Czech Stop to get some vittles, but its up to the group. Where should we stop? How many people are wanting to attend the car show? I hope many of us will be there. Ill put it up and info about the car show and lets make a day of it!

DFW Drive Event

Until next time...

DFW Smart HQ


The Grand Opening starts at Noon, so I would like club members to show at 11am. Please go to and sign up and let us know if you are attending.
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