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After suspecting a transmission problem that ended up being a transmission control unit problem, I bought a low mileage transmission for my car and swapped it for the original one. So, now I have an extra transmission that I would like to get rid of.

The transmission has about 109k miles on it. It probably doesn't work right now. I opened it up to inspect it and removed a plastic part that came out of position and didn't bother trying to get back it into place when I closed the transmission back up. On the plus side, the magnetic inside for collecting shaving from crunched gears and wear had almost nothing on it. So, at a minimum it should be good for parts.

Located near Seattle and, if you can wait, I can deliver it in the Puget Sound area. If you are outside of Puget Sound and really want it, you need to make arrangements for a shipper to come get it. I have the pallet that the replacement transmission came on, if that helps.

$50 or best offer
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