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Giving radio and speakers, together or separate, to anyone who wants them for free, just pay shipping. NO HIGHBALL OFFERS!! Free and not a penny more. I KNOW WHAT I GOT!

All worked when pulled this week. Just upgrading. Pulled from 2013 Passion. A little dusty but otherwise in fine condition. Radio is complete with mounting plate and comes with the remote USB/Aux assembly. The speakers are in good condition other than one half of one of the connectors being broke. I didn't depress the retention tab on the wiring connector as much as I should have before pulling on it. Speakers come with grilles if you really want them, but of course the mounting points are all broken or missing. They still look good from the front and are structurally sound.

I'm posting this Saturday March 20. If no one's claimed them by this time next week I'm pitching them in the dumpster and mods can remove this post.


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