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Free App Helps sell/Buy Smart cars and pays buyer and seller $200 EACH!

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California only-

Download the FREE Award Winning app
use promo code "SMART"

$200 paid to Buyer AND another $200 will be paid to the Seller

Can be used with any car. It does NOT have to be a "Smart" car-

* fine print etc....When the car sells get $200 from Blinker, You may give the code to ANY buyer and they will also get $200.
You can share the code with anyone and the car does NOT have to be a "Smart" car. A buyer can invite a seller into app and both collect $200 or a seller can invite the buyer into the app. (must use promo code to collect) most every car will qualify, you can tell friends. If this sounds to good to be true just google us. Blinker or click here- Blinker "Take the Wheel"

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