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There were a total of tree 2008 and 2009 Smarts in our family but they are all gone now... your gain! I have some parts that I need to get rid of. FREE - I prefer you take all, but I would still rather that that they were used than taken to the dump.

I have an OEM muffler from a USA 009 smart fortwo (451?) - it was pulled from a 2009 passion to put on a Borla exhaust - the car probably had 20,000 miles on it when this was pulled. I believe it should fit anything from 2008 to 2015? or whenever they made the changes. It is fine, no issues, just pulled to put the Borla on.

I also have 3 rims with tires - I don't have details as they are in a storage unit a few miles away - you must take them all
here is what I have
one 2009 Brabus rear rim and tire - pulled because it was dented and I had another set at the time - could be straightened - I think my guy charged $150 to straighten - tire is likely good but that is unknown
two 2009 passion alloy rear rims and tires - possible minor dents?

I really don't know on the rims but I do remember that commuting to DC I tended to hit potholes fairly often and used to swap things around while I had rims out to the shop.

Sorry for the long message. I am cleaning up and need these gone quickly.
They are located in Waldorf MD - I don't follow this board any more so email me (I hope I dont regret this ) at
doug.daniel AT G Mail dot com

I really hope someone can use them.
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