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Free Phone App helps you sell ANY car for FREE-

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Hi Smarties-

This is how George Jetson buys his cars, Fred Flinstone wishes this was available.

4 min- from start to selling-
Quick list of what to do-(its sooooo cool! impress your friends with the worlds coolest app)
  1. Download our FREE award winning app "Blinker" on any android or apple smart device-
  2. Take a photo of your car
  3. Blinker gives you a Carfax on your car (a $39.95 value)
  4. Blinker gives you book values (Black Book Values)
  5. If you want to post for sale (tap the "sell my car" button)
  6. Blinker verifies that its your car (sorry you can NOT sell your neighbors car, using our app)
  7. Blinker Check's to make sure a current registration
  8. Blinker Checks the title ( no salvage etc)
  9. Blinker syndicates to 18 diffrent websites like:, Craigslist, ETC. (we recommend lots of photos and good seller notes to help you sell fast)
It just that SIMPLE! Thats it- Now sit back and let the buyers come to you-
  • Buyers can transfer funds directly into your account (no need to show with a bag of cash, no need to go to the bank, no need to worry about scams)
  • Both buyer AND seller sign all the paperwork on their phone, takes just a few min. (done correctly with the DMV and everyone gets digital copies via email for back up)
  • Its SIMPLE, SAFE, and very cool.

Why would anyone list a car any other way? This is a total no brainier!

In fact if you use promo code "SMART" we will pay you $200 if you sell the car using the Blinker app.
we can also be found on the web at-
Take advantage of the Promo code because it will not last forever!
:DBlinker is a start up located in Downtown Denver Colorado. :D

Today we are small (68 employees, but adding more DAILY) its our goal to be a household name by next year. (Things are about to take off!!!) :spots:
Take advantage of our free $200 giveaway while we are under the radar- (See below for details)
Currently we are in Colorado-Florida-Texas-California but look for us to be nation-wide by the end of the year! I cant mention all the things we can offer you in the future, lets just consider this a friendly endorsement to get the app before our growth spirt.
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