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Hello everyone just sign up but have been a reader here for a few years. I bought a used 2016 passion early spring this year with just under 27k on it and well taken care of at least mechanically. Always wanted one after I first saw the redesign in 2015 and having gotten rid of my Scion iQ I missed having a small car.

I never cared for the looks of the older style Smarts and yet I didn't like the looks of the iQ after the Smart redesign.

I did my homework so I knew the challenges but even so it hasn't bee all that easy. Because as I discovered you can't even trust Mercedes to do it right. And with one dealer who will even look at it where I'm at I'm gonna have to teach someone more local to me. I can do all the basic maintenance and know where to get the parts but I lack a lift and I'm hobbled up physically.

I found a shop up my way as I moved a couple months ago up semi mountainous not to far from the Canadian border but will have to show him most likely. I've got detailed pictures of where the oil plug is and the filter so he can see it clearly and even the size of the sockets needed.

The spark plugs I will probably do myself, but he can do all the fluids oil, brake, coolant and the cabin and air filters.

Tomorrow he's gonna install my new snow tires as I'll be running full on studs in the rear and the new style all weather up front of which I had to switch the sizes but I can use the same rims. And when I swap out again in in the spring I will be leaving the all weather up front and only taking the full snow off the rear and switch to all weather.

Anyway, I have already had to have some very major work done to it and thankfully I bought a extended warranty because the factory warranty of what is left of it would not have covered it. The entire roof had to be replaced and even Mercedes could not do it but luckily there was a shop local they farmed it out to. It had hair line cracks all around it and my fear was eventually it might start leaking, how they got there who knows, my theory is it sat out in the hot sun of the desert area and backed as the car originally came out of New Mexico.

The rubber grommet on the rear wiper through the window had to replaced again fear of leakage because it looked like something had chewed on it.
And finally the hood lock had to be replaced. They did an oil change for me and made note that somebody used vise-grips on the plugs, obviously the place I bought it from because they didn't have the proper sockets. Then we get to the interior and I will guess it was a young person who own it on a lease, some of it I will have to live with because it will never get fixed. (it bothers me sometimes)

So, here we are.
Great car, to bad it was Mercedes who made it. Way over engineer but that's how the Germans role and then they want no one working on them which is why they fuzz everything out in the manuals to keep their hands in your pockets.
The iQ was easy peasy and you could take it to Toyota cause they own Scion.

And no crazy service intervals.

However there has only ever been one smaller car produce by a major player in America and yet it still could not touch the most critical measurement, length.
It took 35 years before we ever see a car like the Smart and sadly America will never see one like it again.

Glad to be aboard.. :wave:
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