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Front Brake Replacement Pads

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Hey my fellow Smarties!

I own a 2009 Passion and it's time for new front brake pads... Can some of you recommend decent pads without braking the bank. I don't need the rotors replaced. A mechanic mentioned getting OEM Textar brakes but not sure how good they are. I'm looking for pads that will give me the least squeal when braking. I've heard certain cheaper pads do squeal. Also, would you happen to know the stock model front pads that came with the 2009 Passion?

Thanks for your time and info!
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...brake best select ceramic C1252..

Jetfuel...what you're waiting for....go get'em..

Ps...the noise comes from the rear brakes...don't believe me?....pull on the parking brake handle in the morning after the rain while moving....

Ps2...wear ear protection.....
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