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Had a twelve pack of Dr Pepper sitting in the front seat.

Heat got to them, they exploded.

Major mess...

What is the procedure to remove the front seat, so I can remove carpet,
then clean both floor pan and carpet?

Any upholstery cleaning machine recommendations?

Many Thanks....

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Once the carpet piece is removed, personally I would just hose it down and let dry. Then wet wipe the metal floor pan.

* Remember to disconnect the battery before unplugging the seats ABS connectors.

I have read that adding protection to the door jams will help protect them when you pull the seats out (scratch, scratch), I believe some have removed the seats through the rear tail gate opening.

I love Dr. Pepper.

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#1 Disconnect battery and tape the terminals

Once the carpet is out, a scrub brush on a handle, your choice of cleaner, garden hose and a good Wet & Dry Vac.
Most people skimp when it comes to rinsing out the carpet. Old dried soap attracts dirt real fast.
Rinse until there no more soap bubbles. Then using the wet vac remove most of the water and allow to air dry.
You can use the same process for upholstery. I use a spray bottle with water instead of a hose and Simple Green as a cleaner.

Link shows a smart with all carpet removed for a complete cleaning.
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