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Early this year I've had to have front hubs replaced due to a cross threaded and torqued lug bolt that wasn't me. Couldn't prove fault and dealer denied it... so I Decided to go ahead and just replace both hubs. Got the hubs off rock auto, took them to a trusted mechanic pressed out old, pressed in new, aligned.. the whole bit. A few months later and slightly apart, they started growling. Submitted part warranty and replaced and another alignment. Long story short, I don't know if it's the part or the person pressing it, but one is going again. Since this costs me $200 in labor each side and time they change one, I want this over with. At current rate I could have had the stealer replace the full assemblies for just as much. So in an attempt to cut costs, I Just bought both spindle assemblies from a junker off of the bay. I'm not that mechanically able. I've done brakes and oil, simple stuff. But they look pretty straight forward to replace on my own.

My questions are:
1) Any special tools I may need? Looks like nothing but torx and bolts. I Just don't want any hidden surprises once I have it apart.
2) Is there anything that isn't obvious that needs be done during the process? like centering or aligning of the parts as they are replaced, that sort of thing.

I'll think of more later, I think.
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