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Fuel gauge

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Fuel gauge on my 2016 had been stuck on FULL through several fill-ups and it had been very slow at excepting fuel from pump. Now I have appointment to bring car in for service and now gauge working properly and excepting fuel at pump at normal flow....Question: should I cancel appointment and hope problem doesn't occur again or waste my time and money and have them look at it?
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Look around the forum, this has been discussed ad nauseam.

The cure (under warranty w/less than 50K mi) is to have the dealer replace the fuel tank/sender.

S u b R o s a
well... technically, the issue requiring replacement of the fuel tank was the fact that basically since launch, people hadn't been able to put CLOSE to the specified 8.7 gallons into the tank. Don't remember any of that having to do with a fuel gauge that won't go down, and issues pumping gas INTO the tank.
Bit of a bump here.... but just to clarify to SubRosa....

The only issue i've ever had with my 2016 in regards to the gas tank has been the amount I am capable of putting into it. I never had an issue with it not wanting to accept fuel as fast as a fuel pump can dish it out, nor has mine ever remained at full for longer than it should have and then quickly plummeted from there. Like i said, I had my fuel tank replaced quite a while ago, and i'm still unable to pump anywhere near the quoted 8.7 gallons into the tank.

Just the other day, I was low on gas, and figured I could still make it home from work. Well, i did, but just barely (maybe?). So I figured what a perfect opportunity to show just that. As you can see in the first picture, my fuel gauge was showing 0.0 gallons remaining. As you can see in the second picture, I put 6.9 gallons into the tank. That was after pumping at full speed for about half the amount, then slightly less than half speed for the rest. I, of course, bumped it up a few cents just to get an even total.... but still. The '09 i had i could get it to 8.7 gallons like clockwork every single time, and could easily calculate my actual MPG from tank to tank. This one, because of this, I have no idea if i'm getting the ~45mpg that i've been figuring, or if it's higher or lower than that. I'm tempted to try it with the dealer again.... see if they could look into it one more time, but I doubt they would seeing as they've already replaced the tank under the same trouble code.


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