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I thought I'd share some of my favorite YouTube reviews of the electric smart cars.

#1 James and Kate on the 2013 Smart ED
#2 James and Kate on the 2018 Smart EQ
#3 Autogefuhl: Thomas on the Smart fortwo cabrio electric REVIEW - Why EV convertibles ROCK!
#4 Scotty: Why It's Dumb to Buy a Smart Car
#5 Scotty: Did I Just Buy an Electric Car (Better Than a Tesla)

James and Kate only review electric vehicles and generally drive them for a week or so. They can bring real perspective to the subject. For fun, go look at some of their Twizzy adventures. The Twizzy looks like wild fun for an hour or so, then not so much... especially when James made a long trip in winter (the Twizzy only has 50 mile

Autogefuhl has lots of thoughtful car reviews. Thomas has a real affinity for electrics and it would appear, convertibles. He has several longer reviews on smarts and smart electrics.

Scotty is an old-time auto mechanic in Huston who doesn't quite get EV's, but he's learning. The first video is about how bad the non-electric smart is, the second is how much he loves his 2nd hand electric smart!
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