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This was driving me nuts so I just thought I'd share it with the community. I was getting complaints on sound quality when talking on the phone when it was bluetoothed to the stock audio unit. But I couldn't figure where the mic was. Finally borrowed my wife's phone and called myself while connected in the car. I muted her phone to avoid feedback and listened while I tapped around the interior, trying to find a raspy static noise with my fingers. Tried all over the audio unit, the steering wheel , and the dashboard. Finally tried up above. BINGO Found it!

The Car's mic is located in that little round disc with the horizontal bars that is in front of the triple interior light rocker switch panel centered in the ceiling in front of the rear view mirror. 🤝

Sorry if I am stating what may be obvious to others, but for me this was a triumphant "AHA!!" moment. :whistle:

(No I didn't look in the owners manual :oops:).

Now I know where to talk! :cool:

(Hmm now if only the steering wheel button would answer the call when I press it, but that may be too logical. :rolleyes:)
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