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Hello all. I am a new Smart car owner. I have purchased a 2012 Smart Fortwo 451 Passion Cabrio with only 420 miles (it has all the bells and whistles from what I can tell on it) from my in-laws. Here are my questions: (Before you ask: Yes, I have read through hundreds of comments on other posts and cannot find what I am looking for exactly.)
1) Is it possible to install a backup camera but have it work with my current touchscreen (original to vehicle) entertainment system. If not, has anyone tried a camera system that shows the image in a rear-view mirror?
2) I read somewhere about a navigation update. I tried looking into it with the link provided for ( however, it does not look like that website is active any longer. Anyone dealt with this type of issue lately? If so, could you point me in a direction to find out some more info please.
3) Has anyone tried to upgrade to a steering wheel that has volume control/forward and backward seeking control buttons on it? I really would like that feature.
Thanks in advance, seriously, for any help or guidance. I am really enjoying this little nugget. :D
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