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Yeah, none of the Illinois dealers are very good. St. Charles and Lincolnwood both have top notch sales departments, but all of them suck across the board with service...
I couldn't agree more, that's why I service my car myself, besides these winter synthetic oil changes, it's too damn cold!

Lincolnwood REALLY sucks.

I paid $5k down payment and wanted to finance the rest
They said they don't do loans less than $5,000
They basically forced me to get an electrical warranty from them at a cost of 2,700 for three years.

Total cost of car was 10,000 after taxes, fees, etc. (without loan)
Pretty sour still.

Just remember that these cars have a low market demand and that although YOU may want one. The market doesn't want one, which makes the price lower for the next interested consumer!

For the record, don't buy a Smart from the Dealer!
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