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I work at a local garage as a mechanic and since my hip replacements I have trouble crawling around under cars with a billfold in my back pocket, it causes my leg to go to sleep. I park acrossed the alley from the garage and leave the windows cracked. As a rule I put my billfold in the glove box and lock it. I have been having trouble with the glove box lock. Part of the time the key slides in and locks it perfectly just as it is supposed to. Then about as often the key will not insert into the lock. I try maybe 10 times turning the key over, trying to insert it, then completely remove it, then try again. The when it does go in it goes in effortlessly like there was never a problem. It seems to be hanging up on something inside the lock. I'm not lock savvy especially for side cut keys. God only knows where I could find a replacement and it wouldn't be keyed properly anyway. Has anyone else a problem with their glove box lock and could offer suggestion on how to get the lock out and repair it? DCO
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