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Currently Blinker will pay you $200 each if you sell a car using our FREE app. This will change to $100 starting June 7th 2018. Please feel free to call our amazing customer support department with any questions.
(only 4 people using this blog promo code took advantage so far, Thank you and why not more?)

Refinancing a car
Buying a car
Selling a car

You may want to check us out sooner than later, we will be a household name very soon. Embrace Change you will love it!

We are growing so fast the promo codes no longer make sense, I am guessing the $100 Promo code "Smart" will be gone this fall.
This week we opened Wisconsin, New Mexico, Utah, Arkansas, Georgia, West Virginia. We already existed in California, Texas, Colorado and Florida, by the end of 2018 we will be in all states.
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