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From Club Smart Car; the run was in doubt but it is going ahead now:


Start Time:
Saturday August 3rd, 10:00 AM

Start Location:
Tim Hortons at 244 Hwy 20 S, Stoney Creek (Address is confusing to me. I linked it to Google Maps. Have a look there). There is an Esso Station across the street that has Diesel and presumably Premium as well. Be filled up and ready to go.

Entrance Fee:
There will be an entrance fee of $10 CAD. Please bring cash, as I don't intend to be cashing cheques or anything silly. We'll have change, but if you bring exactly $10 it would be appreciated more smile.gif

End Time:
We should be finished around 5:15 PM or so, then we will follow up with dinner

Dinner will be at Kelsey's at 821 Paramount Drive, Hamilton. The restaurant is actually closer to Artfrank Street there, but that's the official restaurant address. They have an online menu HERE if you want to look at choices/prices in advance.

Things to bring with you:
If you have an FRS radio, bring it with you. It will be much easier to recover people stuck behind traffic lights this way. (Not that this should be a major issue)
Hope to see some faces from the Nationals there! :)
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