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Hands free Bluetooth phone michrophone question

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Hello, we're still getting familiarized with our new to us 2016 453 Edition 1.
My wife's iPhone 7 Plus answers phone calls just fine, using the answer button on the head unit, except it take multiple button pushing for the phone to switch over to the in-car speakers and microphone. How do we get the system to answer immediately over the in-car audio?

What are we missing?
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Now that there are security cameras in my house I'll be moving my cars back to my house. I guess I'll have to try to hook my iPhone 8 Plus up to the 453 and check.

With that said, the 453 has always been kinda silly with its Bluetooth. On Android it'll auto-play your music whether you like it or not. And if you don't have music, it's just going to start playing your ringtones. :rolleyes:
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