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I picked up Cotterpin on 2-09-13. Tomorrow she will be one year old. For me anyway. I don't count date of manufacture.

Hoping that the wet seat was a fluke from the ice storm This will be the 1st NEW vehicle out of the last 4 that got to the 1 year mark without at least one if not several trips to the dealer for factory defects.:D She has not been back for anything yet.

13,210 miles to date. With an average of 39.9 MPG. it was over 40 till the last fill up.:crying: I've kept track on Fuelly since I got her.
Cotterpin (Smart Fortwo) | Fuelly

I just did the one year service and oil change in the garage this afternoon. This is the second oil change. I did the 1st at 6k. She hasn't used a drop of oil. I also changed the wipers today. They were getting streaky and I've been holding new ones.

Only mods have been the Boesch Built armrest and the Curt trailer hitch and Swagman XC Cross Country bike rack. I've been happy with all of these.

Over all so far it's been a pleasant experience. She is a confidence inspiring little car. Does what I need her to do and never complains. Long trips, snow, light towing, hauls my bikes, commuting. This winter my truck is down so she has been my only transportation. Like any relationship I like to think I entered it with my eyes open. I never expected here to be anything other than what she is. A competent, basic, fun, little commuter car that gets decent MPG. And that's exactly what she's been. I think most people these days expect too much from cheap little cars. They are so used to cheap cars that have too much fluff and expect these to as well. I myself prefer good solid engineering and build quality over fru fru. That appears to be what I have gotten!

Happy birthday Cotterpin! Here's hoping for many more together.:)
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