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Hello all,

So I saw the audio jack in the glovebox and tried to plug up my phone with no luck. I heard no music even after adjusting the radio to aux, so I figured the jack didn't work anymore. The prior owner cut a small hole beside that audio jack in glovebox wall, so I just assumed that the jack didn't work. I can tell the prior owner had some other audio parts attached to my car, because I found some old plastic parts on the floor when I got the car. I can't remember the name of the company that is on the parts, but I knew the parts brand name, because a had a part in my old CLK 430 that would allow my phone to work with the factory Mercedes command unit and it is the same companies name. The company is called Scorchh or something? (I'll look at the name on the parts later)

Anyway, I decided to try the glovebox jack once more and Shazam, my phones music does play via the cars system. As far as I can tell I have to hit play on phone/ iPod after I attach it to the glove box jack to make it work. Either way I am happy.

This is not major, but with so many errors and things I am fixing on my fortwo it feels great to have my car through me a bone every once in a while.

Thanks for reading.


Edit---->Looking at the hole in the side wall of the glovebox and now knowing that the audio jack does work I think they may have cut the hole in the glovebox side wall to run the 12v power up to the phone via the glovebox, so it is charging while playing. They probably just hooked an old iPod up in the glove box and left it there and wanted to keep it charged. Stupid to cut a hole IMO, but I am just guessing why they did what they did.
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