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hard to read instrument cluster

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This may qualify for the stickies (maybe for all models)

i'm not sure of the instrument cluster for all the other models but if your info screen is as hard to read as my 451 is then i found the answer and it's easy and cheap to fix.

to make a long story short i cut a piece of pure white paper (no printing or lines) 4.5 by 6.5 and applied some rubber cement (don't know how this will hold up from the heat in the car)on top of the steering column cover and then stuck the paper to it (i would suggest you position the paper first so you see where you like it as the reflection may be different depending on each persons height in the seat). the sunlight reflects off the paper(because of the large windshield) and viola the cluster is lit up and you can read all the info (almost like putting a white spotlight on it). i can see from the top of the speedo to the bottom of the info and from edge to edge and there shouldn't be any problem with it at night.

happy driving

let me know if you have a better non permanent idea for glue
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Hit the right button on your speedometer, it'll adjust the screen brightness. There are 4 brightness settings. :) If you want to go the paper route, I'd recommend velcro as that's non-destructive as compared to adhesive. A more aesthetically pleasing option would be to change your speedometer face.
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