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It is possible to do what you're looking to do, but you're looking in the wrong place. You aren't going to import a 453 from Europe anytime soon unless you have income like Jeff Bezos.

However, you can import a car from Canada! U.S. importation law has a "substantially similar" clause that allows you to import a car that's younger than 25 years old so long as it has the same equipment as the same make and model already sold here. Cars from Canada generally meet this clause because the country's car safety and emissions regulations are similar to ours. This exclusion was designed so that Canadian citizens could move to the U.S. and take their cars with them.

However, everyone from dealerships and regular people use the clause to buy cars from Canada. Most recently, some U.S. dealerships were found to be taking advantage of exchange rates by buying Audi RS6 Avants in Canada and flipping them for extra profit here.

Now, before you go off onto the Canadian equivalent of Craigslist, there is a caveat. Canadian VINs often don't show up in U.S. DMV systems and may not show up in the system of an auto parts store.

And before you pull the trigger on a Canadian car, contact an import broker here in the States. They'll guide you through the process. I had a lawyer assist me with my recent car imports. lol
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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