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Got this from a post on; can't vouch for the info first hand:
1295 Linda Vista Drive
San Marcos, CA 92078

Tel 760 744-2956

Order online
Lift Supports 6909M10/49104M10
Unit price $33.30
Shipping $8.92
CA tax $5.16

Total for two $80.68

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You can get Stabilus hatch struts on Often less than half the price of getting them through an official Smart/Mercedes dealer.

Amazon website (Germany)

Stabilus website:

Stabilus were the original equipment fitted to my 450. They are made in Germany.

I don't know if Amazon Germany ship here, but they often ship to the rest of Europe at low cost.

Search "Stabilus 032492" for the 451 struts and "Stabilus 1617MX" for the 450 struts. The part numbers are on the Stabilus website.

Hatch struts are easy to change. I use a 3mm screwdriver to lift a spring clip to remove them at each end. Refitting doesn't require any tools, as they just push on. Here's a 29 second youtube video that shows you how:

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