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Price is required for Marketplace listings. :)

A short history on this car (assuming “built by Bosch” means what I think it means): We had a member named Matt Boesch who owned a fabrication shop called BoeschBuilt in Michigan. He made some of the best mods to date, from a race exhaust to the most stylish armrest I’ve ever seen.

He then decided he’d try to make Hayabusa conversions. The idea being he offered packages from just the basics to a $17k complete turn-key conversion. You send your brand new smart to him and he’d turn it into a monster. He only made one completed car, a 2008 blue fortwo. This must be that car.

He no longer makes smart parts (not much interest in smart customization nowadays) but his shop lives on as B2 Fabrication.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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