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We have a 2016 Smart Fortwo and are experiencing a couple of odd anomalies.

The first one is the headlights.....
The problem goes like this. It is evening and the lights are on, I go to change from low to high (or visa versa) and it makes the change then all the lighting becomes non responsive. We can not turn them off, or change from high to low. We have to stop the car, turn it off and then when we restart it, the lights work again. This is not a continuous problem but has happened more than once. It is very annoying.

The second problem is with the cruise control......
On occasion at highway speeds the cruise control will disengage. I can reset it and it will work fine.

We have taken it to a smart dealer in Florida and they could find nothing wrong.

So has anyone with a 2016 experienced these problems and if so have you figured out what the problem is and a solution for it.

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A 2016 loaner I had experienced both issues. I tried to turn the headlights off at a petrol station and no response.

I also experienced the same with the CC in the same car. My 2016 doesn’t either (and I drove it 2,100 miles in one shot) so it seems to be a hit and miss sort of issue.
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