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Heater blower on 2016 453 has mouse nest ! SOS — How can you access area ?

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Can anyone please advise on how to properly access the heater blower of a 2016 453 Prime to clean out a mouse nest ? I see a plastic panel that might snap out on drivers side, but fear it’s not the right thing to do (?) For about an hour of sweat n intense poking, my tiny landlady friend was scrunched up on passenger side floor trying to loosen up debris w/ a tiny brush n vacuumed up thru the screened area. She noted a couple screws there, so might that be another possible access area (?) I’m too tall to do that n my back was breaking watching her..oh the humanity ..ha.
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I did just did the vaccum trick , worked for me too .. I just wonder where the intake is located for a mouse to access it !
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