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Hello All, looking forward to posting / contributing a lot

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But probably a million questions before anything else. May name is Marco. I'm in Rochester NY I just took delivery of this awesome Red w/ black trideon, 2010 451 passion, with Tan interior. 87k miles. According to it's history it started out as an all black one. But red looks cool too, so I'm ok with it.. I've already fixed up all it's little small detail items that were wrong when I bought it,(missing coin tray / missing center cap / Lower body tray loose / filthy interior clean up). I just added color keyed Brabus gauge pod's to complete the interior, and an MDC cruise control is on it's way.. Everything seems great, and I just love it. I came from an '06 Chevy Aveo which I bought new and liked a lot. I'm gonna miss how it swallowed up by ebike through the back doors, and how cruise control was only a 2 wire hook up and a $34 dollar switch at the dealership. I did all my own work on it through the years. It served to keep my collection of GM H body cars RWD V8 subcompacts from the 70's. (Monza / Sunbird). Hot rodding those old school toy's... That's where I come from mechanically. I guess Red & Black W/ tan is my thing, as my 78 Monza Spyder is red with the black decals and tan interior.

But enough about those and more about my smartie. It's next upcoming installs and fixes will be the Cruise control unit, then then I think it may be time to reseal the oil pan gasket.

So Hello everybody, hope I'm not to late to the party..
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Welcome to the group! You might want to think about that oil pan seal as it is a bit complicated.. do your homework before getting in too deep. a fantastic site that you may want to add is Evilution. it has everything about these cars and plenty of pictures and helpful tips. It is a pay site but the cost is minimal especially when you see all the information.


P.S. We love to help out new owners and love pictures! Next you will be asking about the secret compartment and the 3rd cup holder... They are there just gotta know where to look!
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