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Obligatory First Post mention.

So to get the introduction out of the way, I'm Dante, 31 from Oregon. I like tinkering, motorcycles (have a '16 Ninja 300), video games, gardening, and food. For work, I'm an electrician.

I got in a bad wreck about a month ago that totaled my old car ('09 Chev Malibu) which I didn't really like anyway. I've been researching possible new cars for months since I was already thinking of getting rid of it, and always liked the Smart. Small car, easy to maintain and work on, good gas mileage, and in a pinch, I could probably tow it using my bike, haha.

I'm actually going to be buying my Smart today, it's a 2012 Pure with only 23,000 miles, Go Pedal, aftermarket stereo, rain sensor, LED running lights, etc already installed. However it's an odd off-white, and I'll probably be changing that ASAP (probably black Plastic Dip temporarily, until I can find Black panels). I'm super excited, and I'll be posting pics as soon as I get it home and give it a good bath. :)
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