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hello smart car of america. im joel from cebu philippines.

our family was able to purchase 3 used smart cars that were imported from japan. there are very few smart cars here, and no dealers here. no official smart mechanics and almost no parts available here.

the smart car is a truly a headturner, but in our case, only when it is in running condition, otherwise its just in the garage waiting to be fixed or waiting for a part to arrive.

i have joined your group to ask for help.

at this time we are looking for an actuator, with item no:
000 3226 V014 or 01 3981 007 001.

how could i possibly secure this? i have a friend who is travelling to the philippines in about two weeks. it would be great if this part could be located and he could hand carry it to the philippines.

hope some of your site members could help me find this, possibly in the LA area, where my friend resides.

many thanks.
joel lee

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:welcome:Hi Joel, welcome to the club. I'm sure this is adventurous to own such cars in your area. Smart cars are as exotic as Ferraris where you live I bet and the same kind of eye turners at much less costs. Are your smart cars 450's?
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