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Hello from Malta

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Dear community,
I thank you for this opportunity to be part of your forum and Hello from our little island Malta.
My reason to join your forum is mainly like many is to get some opinions and recommendation from the far end of the world which is not that far when thinking about it.
I own a Limited 1 2001 450 Smart with over 130,000kms which I drive on a daily basis and I am very fond of. Unfortunately presently I am encountering a brake issue. All my ABS, Parking and Triangle are coming on and as a result I cannot engage any gears at all and get stuck in the middle. I searched on your forum and it looks that it could be the brake switch. I will check it and get it replaced and we will see how it goes.
However any comments are welcome and wish you safe driving to All!
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Tell us a bit about your smart model.

What is the most popular car driven in your area?
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