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Do we have members that actual have a car already and have posted their thoughts? I love the look and the gas mileage for running around. For the long trip of all things I use my 05 H2 Hummer or my 4x4 07 Ford pkup. I haul my fishing kayaks on a trailer or in the rear of the truck. The car looks like a lot of fun. I sent in a reservation for a white cabio but I have never seen the car in person. They are supposed to be in the Jacksonville area in October but I will be out of town till the 13th. Is there any storage trunk etc? Did not understand paddle shifter either. I had a Limited edition JCW Mini Cooper (218 hp) but I never wanted to drive it because it was one of 400. One fast pocket rocket. Sold it to a gentleman in NY for a 5k profit.
As a few have already answered, we do have a few model 450 fortwo Smart owners, but as the 451 is just starting production, there won't be any 451 model owners until January/February. There is a storage trunk (or boot) behind the back seat which can hold some groceries and I guess a small suitcase or two. 450 owners have used small trailers to tow more belongings....I've even seen one that especially made for kayaks/canoes!

The paddle shifters are available on the passion coupe and cabrio, and are for shifting manually. The twofor has an automatic manual transmission (or is that manual automatic?? :p) which can be essentially driven as an automatic, or one can shift to the manual mode and either use the gearshift to tap up or down a gear, or in the case of the passions, use the steering wheel mounted paddles to shift. Should be fun getting use to!
BYW...join the club - I think you the third on this forum (at least) to have had a JCW MINI (I have one).....great minds think alike!
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