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My wife fell in love with the SmartCar during a vacation in Paris in 1994. In June of this year we found an extremely low mileage 2005 Passion/D'Vinci SmartCar in Mesa, Arizona. It is silver with the glass roof, air conditioning, and a CD/AM-FM entertainment center, and we bought it on the spot.

We have had no mechanical problems, and we are getting approximately 43 MPG to 57 MPG and we attribute that a little to my wives lead-footed driving, but mostly to the fact we use it for all local errands (speeds up to 45 MPH), only occasionally get up to freeway speeds, and we run air conditioning 100% of the time.:D

Until the SmartCar is as familiar as a Toyota on the US highways, be prepared to be honked over, waved at, given the thumbs up, be followed into parking lots, and to be asked intelligent as well as outrageous questions. She nows bear the Arizona vanity plate "SMART05".:cool:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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