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My 451 arrived as white last April. I swapped panels to yellow for the winter. Brother got a red convertible, so may swap panels with him this summer.
I drove the original Smart for months in Portugal. Was in it on 9/11/2001. Liked it better - better radio, regular gas, better mileage, easier body-swap, shorter.
Hate no spare tire. Got a flat when Smartie was a week old and it took a week to get a new tire. And the tires are poor value: what do I get for $100 bucks?
Radio backlight goes off when turn signal is used... saw some discussion about that.
I'm 40 miles from dealer, so looking for a bootleg shop manual.
Hoping to find some cheap wheels & conventional tires - these low-profile things on alloy wheels ride like bricks and they won't last long in the pothole capital of the world.
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