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Hello my smart family, I have a question maybe you guys have answers to.

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So i've been part of the smart family for over a month now, so far I am loving it. Not only am I a new smart owner I'm also a new driver as well. I decided that my first vehicle purchase would be a smart fortwo, so I went all out and got me a 2010 smart fortwo passion cabrio convertible. Never noticed until now that the auto lock isn't working, I mean when I press the lock button on the key it makes noises and even lights up so I always thought it did it's thing and locked. Until last night when I went to leave the car I locked it but remembered that I left something inside but before I could press unlock on the key I managed to open the door first and just like that it opened. So i tried pressing the lock button twice, nothing still open, flustered I decided to just lock it manually with the key from outside, i tried left still and tried right still open. I went inside to see maybe i can close from inside. So on the center of the dashboard is your hazard lights, on the right is your unlock button and to the left of the hazard lights is your lock button. When you press the unlock button it makes your typical unlocking noise but when i hit the lock button I get complete silent. I was thinking maybe it was the fuse? If you guys have any advice on what the issue could be is very much appreciated, my smart is unlocked at the moment anything will help thanks.
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The outside key slot will only unlock the door. It WILL NOT lock the door. Works with a cable and the cable can only pull on the internal lock mechanism, it can’t push on the mechanism to lock the door.
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