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2013 Smart Passion Cabrio
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I just pulled the trigger on buying my first Smart car ... a red 2013 Cabriolet that was a one-owner car they supposedly traded in to buy a minivan, after they had a kid.

This was really something I just bought as a spare vehicle, with the thought we have a couple of teenagers reaching driving age, and I need something they can borrow/use without driving our new Jeep.

I've barely had any time to drive it and get familiar with it (and of course, it started pouring rain outside when I tried to go outside and mess with it a little bit). But right off the bat, I'm a little concerned about the engine. The dealer said it drove just like "all the Smart cars they've had come through there" ... with rough shifting and so forth. And it passed the Maryland state inspection, so that's a good start. But I noticed some weird hesitation, especially when letting off on the gas and coasting to a stop. Sometimes it kind of loses power and then surges.

Last time I had a vehicle doing a bit of this, a new set of spark plugs fixed it right up again .... but all this talk of valves burning up on here has me worried. The car has about 58,000 miles on it right now. Any thoughts from more experienced owners?
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