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Hello, I would be grateful of some help
I have a 2009 Smart For Two Passion ( convertible)
Some time ago my trunk lock failed. It was a nightmare.
I drilled a couple of holes ( read it somewhere ) and stuck two screw drivers in there and could open it.
Then I forgot about it ( I am a useless woman)
Now I want to change oil ( or at least check it !! ) and I cant get into the engine
Also steering is weird, feels like it needs fluid but last time I checked you cant do that .
Any ideas??
It has 39,000 miles on it.
Worried my engine is going to blow up!!
Thank you .
I am in Aspen Colorado , in case any of you are near here !!!

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Alot of the Smarts came without power steering. If you do have the optional power steering it runs off the battery and does not use power steering fluid. If it is steering funny you may have hit a pothole and maybe bent a rim. With only 39,000 miles on it it is doubtful that any of your steering or suspension components are worn out, but there is always the possibilty of damage from potholes. We need more info on what the steering is doing to be more helpful.

As to opening your tailgate, you said you already drilled the access holes, so get you a long skinny screwdriver about 6 inches long and insert it in the hole and then move the screwdriver handle towards the outside of the car as in a prying motion and the mechanism should allow your tailgate to open. DCO
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