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Help please - wiper and cruise arm handle

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While I was having my windshield replaced in my 2008 smart cabrio, they broke the arm handle off on my wiper and cruise control. The company is suppose to replace but it will take 10 plus days for the part to arrive to the dealership. Thank goodness, I am not paying for this part or at least I hope I'm not! Cruise control still works. Is there a quick fix to turn on/off wipers for the time being? Greatly appreciate your positive input!
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Good morning, jwight and BB Benz,

Thanks for responding.

I've attached images and I don't believe I see any markings. I didn't know how to attach images, please see link.

My tags are expiring on my car and with this mishap, I don't believe it will pass inspection, thus, needing a quick fix. The dealership will install the part once it arrives. The company that broke the handle said that they will be paying, lets hope they keep their word as I do not have it in writing.
Again, thank you jwight and BB Benz for your input. Hopefully I will have a fix soon!

2008 smart cabrio, 88K miles.
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