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Help please - wiper and cruise arm handle

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While I was having my windshield replaced in my 2008 smart cabrio, they broke the arm handle off on my wiper and cruise control. The company is suppose to replace but it will take 10 plus days for the part to arrive to the dealership. Thank goodness, I am not paying for this part or at least I hope I'm not! Cruise control still works. Is there a quick fix to turn on/off wipers for the time being? Greatly appreciate your positive input!
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Most likely it is a Roadster cruise control arm, used with an MDC cruise control. But it could be a modified standard arm used with the other option. So the question is, does it have any marking on it that says cruise (Roadster type arm) or does it just have a button on the end to press in to operate the cruise function and looks totally stock (modified stock arm).
Might as well get one that works your cruise control. I had forgotten that there were two options, one for a Cabrio. It is the Roadster cruise control stalk however. It is a slightly different color gray but not noticeable. The connector is strictly plug and play, as I recall. I would order the stalk from Smart Madness. They might even have one in stock, and they may be willing to provide you with installation instructions with the stalk for the MDC cruise control. It has been almost nine years since I installed mine. So my memory of the install process is faded, but the stalk was one of the easier parts to install.
Here are the instructions and picture of the Coupe turn signal arm. For the Cabrio, it does not have a control for the rear window wiper which is why the Roadster turn signal arm is used.
Explain to Smart Madness that you have a Cabrio with the MDC cruise control and you need to replace a broken Roadster turn signal arm. That should be all they need to know. The arm in the instructions is for a coupe which is why it has the extra icon for the rear window washer on it. If you give them your VIN number, that will identify it as a cabrio as well.
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