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Help please - wiper and cruise arm handle

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While I was having my windshield replaced in my 2008 smart cabrio, they broke the arm handle off on my wiper and cruise control. The company is suppose to replace but it will take 10 plus days for the part to arrive to the dealership. Thank goodness, I am not paying for this part or at least I hope I'm not! Cruise control still works. Is there a quick fix to turn on/off wipers for the time being? Greatly appreciate your positive input!
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Welcome to SCoA! :)

Since it's a 2008 it's not a factory cruise control - is it the area451 version or something else? As for the wipers, either have to wait for the new arm (who is going to do the installation, BTW) or try pulling the fuse for the wipers.
That's not an area451 CC arm so I have to assume it's for the MDC version which is sold by Smart Madness. They have just the stalk for either the coupe or the cabrio - $200 each:

I'd recommend giving them a call, describing the problem and seeing what they recommend. They should also be able to help with installation instructions for the stalk.

The other option, if you don't need the cruise control, is to replace it with a factory wiper stalk.... :)
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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