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Hi everyone

ok, so my 2007 smart is running summer tires. I need to be on winters as the season is changing rapidly here.

so my question, my smart runs 175/55/15 & 195/50/15. to get these sizes in winter tires I'm looking at $1000, it's the 175's that are massively overpriced here.

however, I could get 185/55/15 for the front sticking with 195/50/15 on the rear and the price for the 4 would be $400.

i know the steering is going to be heavier but what else would be upset with the change?

On my 2005, I decided to go with an all weather tire with the snowflake (3PMSF) symbol.
I live in Colorado, and while it may be 65 degrees and sunny in town in December, an hour West through Eisenhower pass say to go skiing is a mile higher in altitude and a 'powder day' :)
Often the state troopers are requiring chains or tires with the snowflake symbol.

So I started my search with tire sizes that would fit on either front or rear, all weather or non studded snow tires - all four of the same brand to match the treads and rubber formulations (avoiding loss of control on snow/ice for those reasons). Some brands like Michelin only sell their winter/all-weather tires in sets of four as well for this reason.

The limiting factor on the 450 is the front as far as no rubbing lock to lock. The widest tire I found was the 185/55/15 that would fit in the front. The rear oem size is 175/55/15 so 'sticking with 195/50/15 on the rear' should not be as important as having all four tires the same for winter driving stability.

What I ended up with as far as choices in 185/55/15 was: Non-Studded Winter Tire - Blizzak WS80 and Michelin X-ICE XI3, All-Weather Tire (with Snowflake symbol) - Nokian WR GR3 and Vredestein Quatrac 5.

I ended up with the Nokians, out the door $750 and I don't have to swap tires / wheel sets anymore.

These are directional tires as well; couldn't rotate the wheels front to back anyways with the different offsets front and rear on the 450.
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